What To Know Prior to Your Bathroom Renovation (3)

The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms exactly where you can add worth to the resale value of your home with simple upgrades and alterations, and with aid from the skilled Wellington bathroom designers at Park & Clarke, renovation your bathroom is straightforward.

Unlike some bathroom renovation businesses in Perth and elsewhere in the country, we take wonderful pride in our work. We do not see ourselves as easy plumbers or decorators but rather as committed craftsmen, intensely focussed on the high quality of service that we give to our clientele and on conducting our organization in a hugely specialist manner at all times.

The guys in the locker/shower rooms at my YMCA, never appear to care one particular way or yet another. Towel/no towel, nude/strapped/clothed or variation… these who want to look or show do, those who don’t want to look to concentrate on their personal business. The guys appear to occupy their own space at their personal pace, and would interpret the etiquette recommendations as just one’s own opinion… not the law of the men’s locker area. Basic courtesy must prevail as everywhere in life!

But with some clever concepts and lateral thinking the laundry can be down-sized to totally free-up worthwhile space in a home for other purposes. Similarly you can add a laundry space to an current structure in easy techniques that are low-cost. Basically hiding the kitchen appliances in cupboards or utilizing screens and moving bookcases is a excellent thought. Like kitchens, contemporary clothing washing gear is now considerably more compact and there is seldom any want for twin laundry sinks and other equipment.

Will you be restructuring the space? For instance, altering the floor or ceiling, removing or adding internal walls, installing a sunken bath/spa/sauna or embedding fixtures into walls, floor or ceiling cavities? If so, be conscious that this will imply much more labour, tricker finishes and will normally imply much more individuals, time and fees.

It was a pleasure to work with Jeff, he was quite patient with us as this was our first renovation of our new home. Jeff helped us establish a price range that we have been in a position to stay with in and also gave us some very helpful design and style guidelines from lay out to selecting our materials. The Accent Renovation crew was very skilled and there focus to detail was top shelf. I would not hesitate to employ Jeff and his crew to undertake any of our future renovations.

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