Preparing Outdoor Living Areas for Winter

During the beautiful summer weather, many families spend a lot of time outdoors. They may grill food, dine outside, lounge in the sunlight, go for a swim, or play a game of catch. Slowly, the summer begins to come to an end and the days eventually develop a chill in the air; at this point, people begin to stay indoors. To protect all of the outdoor decor, furniture, appliances, and tools, the outdoor living spaces should be prepared for winter.

End-of-Season Cleaning

Once the flowers stop blooming and the leaves begin to change, it’s time to schedule a deep cleaning outdoors. Thoroughly wash and dry all appliances such as grills, decor, patio furniture, and emptied flower pots. As items are cleaned, moved, and stored, remove all cob webs and potential nesting sites for pests. This is also a wonderful time to clean out and put away any bug lights, as well. If the living area involves a wooden deck, it may be a good idea to consider staining or painting before the snow and ice arrive.

Furniture Care

For those who have outdoor patio furniture massachusetts, it can be risky leaving furniture exposed to the elements. With all of the snow that occurs in Massachusetts, furniture could be damaged due to the weight. First, wash all cushions, cloths, and umbrellas, dry them in the sunlight, and store them away. Next, store the furniture out of harm’s way. An outdoor shed would be best, but it can also be stored a few feet away from the roof’s edge or under a porch. This prevents snow or ice from sliding onto it. Keep a thick, protective cover over the furniture if it is left outside.

Storing Summer Items

Once all decor is cleaned, assemble it in boxes and store it for the following year. The grill should be stored away, as well. Old pots, patio planters, and lawn ornaments could be stored on the corner of the deck, as most of them will generally tolerate winter weather quite well.

The cold winter season can cause damage to unprotected belongings, especially those that are not meant to endure extreme cold or extreme weight from winter precipitation. Fall is a wonderful time to begin the cleaning and storage process for most homeowners.

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