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Transformers and motor controllers which have been applied in the past have been separate solutions. The present invention overcomes the above-noted and other shortcomings of the prior art and meets the aforementioned desires by offering a novel and improved motor manage method and components thereof. This voltage is generally offered from an electric utility through a transformer and motor controller to deliver the suitable voltage and handle to operate the motor as preferred.

As a result, there is the want for a unitary power provide package wherein a transformer and motor controller are interconnected and housed in a single compact unit which can be readily transported to remote places and conveniently connected to a source of electrical energy and a load, such as a three-phase electric motor driving a submersible pump. A common combined current limiting and load sensing fuse used in prior motor controllers is also somewhat pricey for that reason, everytime a short-circuit fault or other current overload condition clears the fuse, it have to be replaced with a similarly high-priced fuse.

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In their preferred embodiments, these elements are adapted for use in the inventive motor manage method, but they are not limited to such use. This invention relates typically to a motor control system and it also relates frequently to individual elements of the system. In view of these additional disadvantages, there is the will need for a system which incorporates a comparatively low-cost, definitely emergency security master power switch which is straight manually operable without having the help of any tools to break a totally loaded circuit.Southwest Electric Company

6 is an elevational view of an interior wall of the transportable containment signifies, to which wall components of a high voltage section of the motor controller portion of the motor manage technique are mounted. That is, the transformer has had its own housing and the motor controller has had its personal housing. This is achieved in element by an integral tertiary winding which also supplies a suitable output level to operate the motor controller for that reason, separate transformers are not required in the energy provide package.

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For security and economy, the transformer within the power supply package ought to be created to present all needed output and operating voltages, and it really should also be designed to shield against electrostatically and magnetically coupled transients. In a preferred embodiment, the motor manage method additional comprises a switch, a existing-limiting fuse and a load-sensing fuse connected in electrical series to the main winding.

The present invention provides a unitary power supply package with an interconnected transformer and motor controller combined in a single housing which can be readily transported to remote areas and easily connected to a source of electricity and load, such as a three-phase motor driving a submersible pump. Further, the master energy switch is ordinarily not utilized as a comprehensive security disconnect due to the fact it is not constructed to disconnect safely when the motor is energized rather it is used to isolate the downstream components following the contactor switch mechanism has disconnected the motor.

two is a side elevational view of the preferred embodiment of a transportable containment indicates of the motor handle program. The present invention is also a lot more particularly directed to a technique and process for controlling the energization of a transformer’s secondary winding circuit to which a 3-phase motor is connected. Another feature of the prior transformer and motor controller systems is that the motor controller package includes an air-insulated master power switch, a combined present limiting and load sensing fuse and an electrically operated get started-cease contactor switch mechanism connected in series.

Southwest Electric Company – The present invention is also extra especially directed to a system and approach for controlling the energization of a transformer’s secondary winding circuit to which a 3-phase motor is connected.

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