Why You Should Choose Vinyl Siding?

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding has greatly improved since it was first introduced in the 1950s. Today, it’s a cost-effective material known for its many appealing qualities. If you haven’t yet made up your mind about the siding you’ll have installed on your home in Beaverton, take a moment to consider why vinyl can be a smart, beautiful, long-term investment.

1. Endless Curb Appeal Potential

Vinyl siding is available in hundreds of colors and styles, including some that mimic wood and other materials. Made with color that goes all the way through, vinyl panels also maintain their beauty both close-up and from a distance as passersby drive or walk by.

2. Impressive Durability

While you don’t want to purposely aim hockey pucks at vinyl siding, it is a highly durable material. It’s not indestructible, but it can stand up well during seasonal storms and when exposed to heat, high winds, and moisture.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl siding won’t have to be painted every few years to retain its appearance. You can also forget about dragging out ladders since a garden hose is often all that’s needed to rinse off this type of siding. If you have some stubborn stains, just use mild soap and water. Vinyl siding is also durable enough to be safely pressure washed.

4. Resistance to Common Sources of Siding Damage

Some type of siding require special treatments to minimize issues with rot and other common sources of siding problems. Vinyl, on the other hand, won’t rot, crack, or succumb to damage from insects. Vinyl siding that’s well-installed also allows moisture to escape, which prevents mildew and mold from forming.

5. Better Energy Efficiency

If insulation is attached to vinyl siding panels, it will blanket the exterior surfaces where it’s attached to reduce energy loss via the studs. This also results in an increased R-value, which equals a greater resistance to heat flow.

The vinyl siding Beaverton Oregon contractors install is also lightweight and easy to work with, which can result in a smooth, uniform look when installation is complete. You’ll also appreciate knowing that most manufacturers offer long-term warranties. With proper care, it’s not unusual for vinyl siding to last for 20-40 years or more.

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